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API Specification and Services

By providing a simple and unified interface to our various data and visualizations services, the webLyzard API framework serves as a flexible and scalable building block for third-party applications such as data warehouses, business intelligence solutions and artificial intelligence tools.

API Services

The REST APIs require authentication and return results as a set of JSON objects. The following services are available (please refer to the technical  documentation to find out how to access these services):

Data Ingestion

  • Document. Ingests unstructured data, for example crawled Web pages or the content from document management systems. The main objects are Documents, Sentences and Annotations. This API can be used for sharing documents regardless of their provenance, as well as annotations from knowledge extraction services – sentiment, named entities, etc.
  • Statistical Data. Ingests structured data following the RDF Data Cube standard. Possible sources include enterprise and open government archives, server log files, business intelligence metrics, and linked data repositories. The main object is a Statistical Observation.

Search and Visualization

  • Search. Returns a set of query results in the form of unstructured text documents. The main object is Query.
  • Embeddable Visualization. Embeds individual visualizations of the webLyzard dashboard in third-party applications, typically based on the results of a search query. The main object is Visualization.
  • Document Metrics. Associates user feedback with documents for applications such as star ratings and document “shopping carts”.

Knowledge Graph Evolution

  • SKB Query. Lets you tap into the Semantic Knowledge Base (SKB), a structured knowledge repository containing a rich set of metadata about real-world entities and events.
  • Templates. Creates and manages personalized templates to capture complex use cases in easy-to-use configurations for the SKB Query and Search APIs.

Glossary of Acronyms

  • API = Application Programming Interface
  • JSON = JavaScript Object Notation
  • RDF = Resource Description Framework
  • REST = Representational State Transfer