Significant R&D efforts and the expertise gained from large-scale research projects allow webLyzard to maintain a leading position in natural language processing, text mining, knowledge extraction including sentiment analysis, visual analytics, and the integration of semantic and geospatial technology.

ePrints LogoRelevance and quality of this work are reflected in more than 160 refereed publications in prestigious international journals and conference proceedings – which can be downloaded from the webLyzard ePrints server, including current articles from 2013 and 2014.

Recent Journal Articles

  • Weichselbraun, A., Gindl, S. and Scharl, A. (2014). “Enriching Semantic Knowledge Bases for Opinion Mining in Big Data Applications”, Knowledge-Based Systems, 69: 78-86.
  • Scharl, A., Hubmann-Haidvogel, A., Sabou, M., Weichselbraun, A. and Lang, H.-P. (2013). “From Web Intelligence to Knowledge Co-Creation – A Platform to Analyze and Support Stakeholder Communication”, IEEE Internet Computing, 17(5): 21-29.
  • Weichselbraun, A., Gindl, S. and Scharl, A. (2013). “Extracting and Grounding Context-Aware Sentiment Lexicons”, IEEE Intelligent Systems, 28(2): 39-46.
  • Wohlgenannt, G., Weichselbraun, A., Scharl, A. and Sabou, M. (2012). “Dynamic Integration of Multiple Evidence Sources for Ontology Learning”, Journal of Information and Data Management, 3(3): 243-254.
  • Syed, K.A.A., Kröll, M., Sabol, V., Scharl, A., Gindl, S., Granitzer, M. and Weichselbraun, A. (2012). “Incremental and Scalable Computation of Dynamic Topography Information Landscapes”, Journal of Multimedia Processing and Technologies, 3(1): 49-65.


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Journal Articles | 2006-2010

  • Weichselbraun, A., Gindl, S. and Scharl, A. (2010). “A Context-Dependent Supervised Learning Approach to Sentiment Detection in Large Textual Databases”, Journal of Information and Data Management, 1(3): 329-342.
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Journal Articles | 2000-2005

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