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Researchers and Software Developers

Position Announcement – April 2020
Web Intelligence and Visual Media Analytics Projects
Researchers and Software Developers
Full- or part-time positions in Vienna, Austria

Position Announcement (PDF, 1.6 mb)

Do you have a passion for novel solutions to challenging technical problems? We seek outstanding candidates to join our R&D team in our new city office in the heart of Vienna’s 9th district. Help us advance the state of the art in Big Data, Web Intelligence, Information Visualization, Deep Learning, Distributed Computing and Predictive Analytics.

Pursued together with leading media and technology partners across Europe, our research projects are supported by FFG, the European Union and the Google News Initiative. As part of a dynamic and interdisciplinary team, you will participate in a fast-paced and innovative R&D environment and help evolve award-winning technology showcases in collaboration with international organizations such as the United Nations and NOAA Climate.gov.

Essential Qualifications

  • Analytical skills and extensive software development experience in Java, Python or JavaScript.

Areas of Specialization

  • Information Retrieval. Distributed databases, Elasticsearch 7.x including complex aggregations; scalable semantic search, REST API frameworks.
  • Big Data Infrastructures. Container orchestration (e.g. Kubernetes, Docker Swarm) and stream processing, message queues and asynchronous I/O; automated system testing and continuous integration (e.g. Jenkins, GitlabCI, TravisCI).
  • Visual Analytics. Information visualization (D3.js) and Web development frameworks such as Vert.x, Vue, React or Angular.

We offer full-time, part-time (e.g., current computer science students) and PhD candidate positions. Salaries are based on qualifications and experience, e.g. EUR 2,975 gross per month (paid 14 times a year) for candidates with a recently completed master’s degree. MODUL University Vienna and webLyzard technology are equal opportunity employers and strongly encourage qualified women to apply. Please send your application including cover letter, curriculum vitae and academic transcript to careers@weblyzard.com (in English or German, preferably as a single PDF file not exceeding 8 MB).

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