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Climateurope2 – EU Climate Services

In support of the European Green Deal, the Climateurope2 project addresses the timely delivery and effective use of climate knowledge. Such knowledge is fundamental for a green recovery and a resilient, climate-neutral Europe.

Climate services provide relevant information for decision makers to manage risks and identify opportunities. The market for such services has seen impressive growth in recent years. Domain experts expect this trend to continue in the foreseeable future. However, the professional communities involved in the development and provision of climate services are often unaware of each other and lack interdisciplinary knowledge.

Objectives of the Climateurope2 Project

Climateurope2 addresses this challenge by developing new approaches to classification and standardization. It will enhance the uptake of quality-assured climate services by all sectors of society. The widespread adoption of these services will in turn support climate change adaptation and mitigation efforts across Europe. The project will use webLyzard’s knowledge extraction capabilities to identify key actors and their services, elicit their support and standardization needs, and classify user-driven criteria needed to trigger and promote climate action. Once aggregated, this information will yield a taxonomy of climate services and recommend community-focused best practices and guidelines.

Semantic Search Tool

We will develop a semantic search tool to analyze the climate services market. The tool will provide multilingual content ingestion and text mining capabilities. It will help discover key actors and their services. This will include stakeholders who might not even be aware that their products constitute climate services.

Knowledge extraction algorithms will enrich the captured content with metadata, accessible through a visual analytics dashboard integrated into the Climateurope2 platform. The visual frontend will build on and extend the SDG Intelligence platform developed for the United Nations Environment Programme as part of UNEP Live. The following screenshot analyzes January 2022 media coverage on “climate resilience”. It combines a story graph with a tag cloud and a keyword graph to classify associations by Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The colors represent SDG #13: Climate Action (blue), #9: Infrastructure (yellow), #16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions (brown), #7: Affordable and Clean Energy (green) and #1: No Poverty (orange).

climateurope2 - climate services visualization

Project partners and registered users will be able to track the content collection process. They will analyze the extracted metadata and perform searches across the entire information space. Climateurope2’s text mining algorithms will present a window into evolving stakeholder perceptions of climate services. They will shed light on diversity biases present in the investigated content sources. Such biases can include patterns in the reporting on key actors, for example, or differences in the online discussions of gender-, age- or location-specific climate risks.

Climateurope2 Project Consortium

Coordinated by the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC), the Climateurope2 consortium is made of 31 partners from 13 countries. These partners cover a large spectrum of backgrounds and capabilities. Such a varied consortium makes Climateurope2 able to combine insights from the social sciences and humanities with state-of-the-art technologies and climate services expertise. The multi-faceted composition of the consortium will help explore and support many different aspects of climate service value chains. This interdisciplinary approach will be invaluable to build a community of practice for the standardization and support of climate services.

The project receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation program under grant agreement No 101056933.