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inDICEs – Impact of Digital Culture

The goal of the inDICEs Project is to Measure the Impact of Digital Culture, empowering policy experts and decision-makers in the Cultural and Creative Industries. The project assesses the social and economic impact of digitization and address the need for innovative (re)use of cultural assets. For this purpose, inDICEs tracks policies by means of an open observatory. This helps establish policy priorities for successful digital transformation and future governance of cultural and creative content ecosystems. By the end of the project, policy-makers will have a solid framework to assess the impact of cultural heritage and a dashboard to keep track of the impact of cultural heritage in Europe.

Objectives of the inDICEs Digital Culture Project

inDICEs - Measuring the Impact of Digital Culture The methodology of the inDICEs project make extensive use of existing frameworks such as Culture 3.0 and the Europeana Impact Framework. We continuously refine these frameworks to assess the impact of digitization on the cultural and creative industries. In this scenario, the project seeks to address five specific objectives:

  • Develop a comprehensive portfolio of methods to measure the economic and social impact of cultural heritage digitization on the access to European cultural goods and services and their modes of production.
  • Produce an in-depth comparative analysis of the impact of digitization and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) rules and practices on access to European culture and on creative cultural production. This enables participants in the cultural heritage sector to assess the legal constraints on their collections. It also helps them identify risks and risk mitigation strategies for the exploitation of their digital cultural assets.
  • Formulate recommendations and best practices for policy-makers and the cultural and creative sector. We develop innovative solutions and business models to overcome bottlenecks in the creative (re)use and consumption of cultural assets. These solutions maximize the impact of digitized cultural heritage in the European Single Market. They also foster creative (re)use in new productions.
  • Establish an open observatory to track policies and trends over the long-term. This observatory will make the collected data openly available on a dedicated platform. Connected to the Europeana Digital Service Infrastructure, the observatory will offer a participatory space for dialogue and experience exchange. It will engage communities and experts in the research, cultural and creative sectors.
  • Empower Cultural Heritage Institutions to perform a strategic self-assessment regarding their readiness for the Digital Single Market. This assessment will include business models and the adaptation to the current legal frameworks in order to foster digital transformation.

inDICEs Dashboard

inDICES VAD Dashboard Lite TutorialwebLyzard’s main contributions focus on data collection and enrichment (including knowledge graph alignment) as well as on the development of the inDICEs Visual Analytics Dashboard. The thumbnail on the right provides a link to a video tutorial introducing the LITE version of this dashboard. The tutorial illustrates how to access real-time data services and interactive visualizations, helping you to explore the inDICEs knowledge repository along multiple context dimensions.

inDICEs Project Consortium

The inDICES project aims to reach these objectives in a multidisciplinary partnership, which includes pan-European platforms that give access to digital culture content, research infrastructures in the digital humanities and social sciences, creative industry representatives, research centers, and leaders in business innovation and in methods for measuring the impact of digital culture on the economic, social and creative spheres.

As part of this multidisciplinary partnership, webLyzard brings a strong background in content processing, metadata enrichment and visual analytics. This background has been developed in past projects and includes system integration expertise from the InVID and ReTV Horizon 2020 Projects. InDICEs also leverages past work on knowledge co-creation to support stakeholder engagement.

inDICES Visual Analytics Dashboard on Digital CultureScreenshot of the inDICEs Visual Analytics Dashboard

EU Co-Funding Emblem FlagThis project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation program under grant agreement No 870792. Call: H2020-EU.3.6. Societal Challenges – Europe in a Changing World.