Web Intelligence and Visual Analytics Presentation at the GEN Summit 2018 - Arno Scharl

GEN Summit – Global Editors Network

30 May – 1 June 2018 | Patió da Galé, Lisbon, Portugal

Towards the Augmented Newsroom

With a focus on the latest advances in digital journalism and keynotes by Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales, Stephen Adler from Reuters or Emilio Garcia-Ruiz and Greg Barber from the Washington Post, the GEN Summit 2018 attracted more than 800 senior news executives, editors-in-chief, startup CEOs, and media innovators from over 70 countries.

News Literacy 2020

The program of the GEN Summit included the News Literacy 2020 panel on newsroom strategies to fight misinformation. In this panel, the Managing Director of webLyzard technology, Arno Scharl, presented insights from ongoing research projects on the use of semantic search technologies for media organizations. This included the digital journalism projects PHEME (Veracity Intelligence), InVID (In Video Veritas) and ReTV (Enhancing and Re-Purposing TV Content) funded by the European Commission, as well as SONAR (Semantic Observatory for News Analytics and Repurposing) funded by the Google News Initiative.

Research Roadmap

The following set of slides includes use cases and screenshots of the presented projects, more detailed information is available from our research projects and funding overview. From January 2018 onwards, a major R&D focus across several projects has been the ability to forecast future trends through novel knowledge extraction and artificial intelligence methods – with applications in the digital journalism and sustainability domains.