PDF Report Generator

The report generator creates automated summaries of analytic results based on a search query or topic definition. It makes use of webLyzard’s portfolio of high-quality visualizations to produce professionally designed PDF reports. Optimized for print, such reports widen the platform’s target group beyond the users of the interactive dashboard and unlock many new application scenarios. Automated reports can serve as weekly management updates, for example, or as comprehensive on-the-fly summaries of recent events or market movements.

Download a four-page sample report on Tesla Motors

The first version of the report generator was made available in June 2017 as part of the Northern Alligator release. It offers the following four report types that provide insights into trends and semantic associations:

  • Trend Analysis. Overview of recent trends in terms of Share of Voice and Sentiment across selected sources, as well as major discussion threads in the form of a word tree.
  • Topic Associations. Visual representation of semantic associations with the query term by means of a tag cloud and keyword graph, and a frequency-sorted list of referenced persons that reflects opinion leadership.
  • Cross-Media Analysis. Summary of the most significant content sources for the current search term, in the form of a scatterplot and a table with keywords, impact metrics, and the average sentiment for each individual source.
  • Geographic Distribution. Geographic map to show the regional distribution of search results, and a corresponding list of the most frequently mentioned countries, states and cities (including keywords to highlight regional differences in the coverage).

The Export dropdown of the dashboard’s header menu provides access to the PDF reports. Users can create individual reports, or convert them into a single multi-page document that includes all the available reports.

Last major update with release 2017-06 (Northern Alligator).